Shakespeare for Lawyers

Lawyers – the Bard. Do they have anything in common?

Yes! The desire to enlighten, persuade and inspire an audience, with brilliant language and dramatic flair.

Shakespeare is known as the greatest poet and dramatist in English – ever. Not everyone knows that as a schoolboy he studied Rhetoric, the art of persuasion. No wonder his work combines passion and structure to powerful effect. Shakepeare is not only for actors. Working on his brilliant texts helps you learn to make the most effective use of rhythm, pace, word choice and images, when the spotlight is on you.Shakespeare

Arne Zaslove has decades of experience in unlocking the secrets of Shakespeare’s impact. His coaching will help you embody the physical and emotional presence that gives a speaker charisma, strength and precision, while also finding vividness and eloquence in the speech.

Whether you are new to the law and want to increase your confidence, or are a seasoned professional wanting to enhance an already considerable skill set, a few sessions with the Bard and master teacher Arne Zaslove will yield measurable results.

For more information, or to schedule an initial session, please contact Claire at:

Arne’s distinguished career has included bringing over fifty Shakespeare productions to lively and relevant life, and his students are spread throughout North America, pursuing successful careers in theater, film, education – and, yes, even law.

Find your charisma!

Enhance your eloquence!

Tap the power of vivid speech!


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