Hit and Run Theater Company was born with a staged reading of Nobel laureate Sinclair Lewis’s play (adapted from his novel), It Can’t Happen Here.  The occasion was the 75th anniversary of the original production, sponsored by the Federal Theater Project, performed simultaneously by 17 theater companies across the country.  On this date, October 27, 2011, that event was commemorated by 25 staged readings.  Arne Zaslove’s presentation at the vintage Museum of History and Industry building drew the largest crowd in the country.

This inspired his initiative to bring socially significant plays to different venues, some to regular theaters and some to site-specific locations.  Zaslove’s Hit and Run Theater Company produces a hit, and then is on the run.  Catch us where you can!

Dark Farce ImageThe company has produced a staged reading of Dark Farce by longtime Seattle theater critic Freddie Brinster at Om Culture.  The play takes a mordant and surreal look at the injustices found in the American prison system.


Poisoning Pigeons. #2 pdfA rollicking revue of Tom Lehrer’s songs, Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, proved a hit in two different runs, one at the Market Theater in Pike Place Market and another at West of Lenin in Fremont.




Our Town Poster_v3

Century Ballroom in Capitol Hill was the home for an environmental staging of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town in January 2013.  Zaslove’s production favored the darker elements of the play over the traditional “hearts and flowers” interpretation.

Whispering Ghosts_PostcardThe world premiere of The Realm of Whispering Ghosts: If Truman Met Einstein by K.C. Brown opened in August of 2013 at the Bathhouse Theatre, with Zaslove serving as a guest in the theater that was his longtime artistic home.  Photos of the production and the complete script can be found at:




Hit and Run Theater Company is a project of Global Works, a 501(c)3 company registered in the state of Washington:


A look at Arne’s rich career of directing and teaching can be found at:





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